My Sweet Dolly

Ok, I am finally ready to talk about Dolly. If you read the last post, you know that Dolly was my sweet little cottage in Denver. She was small, and creaked like an old house, but she was beautiful…and mine. I spent about a year tweaking this and that, trying to infuse my personality into her (which was hard at the beginning, because – while she was mine, all mine – I did share the space), and when I was finally on the right track, I moved. The move was definitely a good thing, and I will be happy to find a small, wonderful space for me in my new hometown, but I miss her very much. So I thought I would share her. Perhaps she can serve as inspiration for you – or for me as I begin to craft another space for me


This is Dolly last Christmas. I have lived in many places that I decorated with white lights and green garland and carefully placed red bows. But Dolly seemed to have an eclectic, old school vibe to her that didn’t want anything fancy. She’s retro, and she’s beautiful. She stands on her own. A single strand of old fashioned colorful bulbs was all she needed for her holiday spirit!

In the time I was with her, she became my space. Her personality and mine mixed so wonderfully that it was easy to dress her up a bit and make her mine. In the bedroom, I went soft – a slight pink, my own waterfall bedroom set, sheers and flowers. It was a cozy room, a sanctuary.

The bathroom didn’t require much…she had this beautiful claw foot tub that simply spoke for itself. Color and brightness was important, however, because the bathroom was the size of a large closet (in fact, it was the epitome of the French WC – water closet).

The dressing room was where I went a little wild…but still stayed true to the girl she was. I LOVE that pink!!

The living room and dining room were still works in progress when I left, but I tried to begin from a very simple point of view…taking Dolly back to basics here, and allowing the furniture to simply live in her. Many of my furnishings came from the early 20th century as well, so they were right at home. The one’s that weren’t…well, they found a place, too.

The kitchen, I left as it was. I love the red. And the fixtures and furnishings simply enhanced her retro feel.

Finally, the backyard. Affectionately called The Beach, it was a wonderful sanctuary on those lovely Colorado spring and summer evenings.

I miss her. She was beautiful, and she was mine. I know I will find a way to make my own space again. I hope she inspired you to want your own space. Soon I will share some tips on how to make your place yours. Until then, goodbye sweet Dolly. I love you!